Presets Lightroom

Lightroom Presets are like a template that can be applied to any of your photos to improve its style, lighting, blur, and many other factors based on its settings. These small changes can make a big impact to your photos and also on you! With presets, you are able to edit your photos consistently due to the simplicity.

Yes, it may seem to be a subtle difference. But in the world of photography every detail provides the key to improvement.

All presets are unique and highly customizable if the preset seems a little off. In addition, they are more consistent. Even if it is your first time using a preset, you can generally produce a higher quality photo than by just slapping filters on it.


Video Credit: YuriFineart


Sadly, presets take some people a little more time and skill to set up properly and produce quality photos. If you are in a rush or just want to post an image to your friends, it may be quicker to apply a filter.

There are many types of filters out there right now. From physical filters that are added to our cameras lenses to add the desired effect, to electronic filters that are applied in many social media apps (such as in Instagram, Snapchat, and many others).

Traditional physical filters have many uses, from protecting the camera’s lens, to making certain colors stand out more, helping reduce reflections from objects (polarizing filters), to diffusion filters that can change the focus of the lens, along with many others.These filters are very welcome and can help photographers achieve better quality photos when used correctly.