Welcome at denzelphoto – previously Sebastiaan Photography. Past 10 years I have been working as a freelance Photographer. I’m a bachelor in Creative Business (CMV). I also studied at Fotovakschool Rotterdam. Currently photographer at music venue PAARD and creative director in my own studio and business Productfoto.net and fotospecialist at the biggest camerastore in Europe. 

Vision + Mission

“I’m a perfectionist, I always strive for the best results. A photograph needs to be original. You don’t have to apply all technical rules to tell the story . As long a picture stands out and captures right the moment – I also look for the most artistic way and presentation in my images”. 

“My mission is capturing decisive moments. Here and there. I like to create unique portraits. Shoot the best concert images. Documenting and searching the streets and culture that surrounds us – freeze time and get a grip in it. I don’t want to loose any memories”.